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TFV12 Octuple Replacement Coil Head V12-T8
Description: V12-T8 octuple replacement coil heads for TFV12 king cloud beast tank use only,resis..
Replacement Cores For Vape Pen 22
Description: Replacement cores for smok vape pen 22 use only,5pcs per pack,resistance 0.3ohm per ..
Stainless Steel Brush For Vape RDA
Description: Stainless steel vape brush,made of stainless steel,99.2mm per piece,can be used to c..
TFV12 Replacement Glass Tank
Features: Replacement glass tank for TFV12 smok cloud beast tank,made of pyrex glass, now only..
Replacement Cores For Yocan NYX
Features: Replacement cores for yocan NYX wax atomizer,can select ceramic donut coil and quartz d..
Expoxy Drip Tip For TFV8 Tank
Features: this tyle drip tip made of import epoxy,five different colors avaliable,only 14g per pi..
Avatar Vapenut Vapor Smoke Eliminator
Description: Avatar vapenut is the newest intelligent device for vape smok detection and eliminat..
Joyetech BFL KTH-0.5OHM DL Core
Features: Joyetech BFL kth-0.5ohm DL cores,using kanthal coil,resistance 0.5ohm,5pcs per pack,esp..
Joyetech BFXL Kth-0.5Ohm DL Core
Features: Newest joyetech BFXL kth 0.5ohm DL core,resitance 0.5ohm,5pcs per pack,made of kanthal ..
Smok Tech V12-RBA-T Core
Description: Smok tech V12-RBA-T core,original triple coil deck,massive airflow and dense vapor,a..
Smoktech V12-RBA Coil Head
Description: Smok TFV12 cloud beast tank RBA coil head V12-RBA,25mm large deck,suitable for all t..
Smoktech V12-X4 Quadruple Coils
Description: smoktech V12-X4 quadruple coils,resistance 0.15ohm,brings deep and rich cloud taste,..
Smoktech V12-Q4 Quadruple Coil Head
Description: Newest smoktech V12-Q4 quadruple coil head,resistance 0.15ohm,brings smooth taste,ca..
Smoktech V12-T6 Sextuple Core
Description: Smoktech V12-T6 sextuple core,resistance 0.16ohm,with 3 juice flow control design,be..
Smoktech V12-T12 Duodenary Coil Head
Description: Newest smoktech V12-T12 duodenary coil head,resistance 0.12ohm,cloud vapor chasing c..
Eleaf ES Sextuple 0.17OHM Coil Head
Description: Newest eleaf es sextuple coil head,5pcs per pack,resistance 0.17ohm,compatible with ..
Ceravape Ceramic Replacement Cores
Features: Ceramic replacement cores for cerabis 44 and cerabis 45 sub ohm tanks use only, made..
TFV8 Big Baby Replacement Glass Tank
Features: Replacement glass tank for TFV8 big baby,made of pyrex glass, only clear color avali..
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Yocan Evolve Plus Replacement Cores
Features: replacement cores for yocan evolve plus wax vape kit use only,ceramic donut coil and qu..
G-Priv 220W TC Box Mod Silicone Case
Features: Silicone case for smoktech g-priv 220w tc box mod,made of food grade silicone material,..

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