Drip Tips

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Silicone Drip Tip For TFV8 Cloud Beast(5PCS)
Features: silicone drip tip for TFV8 cloud beast,made of silicone material,seven fashionable colo..
Expoxy Drip Tip For TFV8 Tank
Features: this tyle drip tip made of import epoxy,five different colors avaliable,only 14g per pi..
510 Drip Tips
Features: 510 drip tip made of acrylic,have seven different colors available. designed into tw..
Acrylic E Cig 510 Drip Tip
Features: Acrylic e cig 510 drip tip have seven different colors available. The drip tip&..
Bearded 510 Drip Tip
Features: Bearded drip tip made of acrylic material,have six different colors available, can u..
Sequin Seven-Hole 510 Drip Tip
Features: Length:19.5mm Outer diameter:12.5mm Inner diameter:6.5mm Net weight:2.2 grams ..
Short Jade 510 Drip Tip
Features: Length:17.3mm Outer diameter:12.7mm Inner diameter:7.3mm Net weight:5.6 grams ..
Jade+Stainless Steel Drip Tip
Features: Made of stainless steel and jade,can fit all 510 atomizer, have many different types..
Short Turquoise Drip Tip
Features:   Length:17.8mm Outer diameter:12.5mm Inner diameter:7.2mm Net weight:..
God's Eye 510 drip tip
Features: God's eye 510 drip tip made of stainless steel and jade Length:22.7mm Outer diame..
510 Stainless steel resin drip tip
Features: Made of stainless steel and resin,have different colors available. Length:21.5mm ..
Metal resin 510 drip tip
Features: Material:Metal and resin Length:21.1mm Outer diameter:12.0mm Inner diameter:6...
SS+Resin Vase 510 drip tip
Features: Material:Stainless steel and resin Length:25.5mm Outer diameter:14mm inner dia..
510 Glass Pattern Drip Tip
Features: 510 galss pattern drip tip made of glass,fit 510 atomizer, have six different colors..
Stainless Steel Wood Drip Tips
Features: Material:Stainless steel & wood Length:21.5 mm Outer diameter:12mm Inner d..
Stainless Steel & Wood Vase Design Drip Tips
Features: Material:Stainless steel and wood Length:25.5mm Outer diameter:14mm Inner diam..
SS+Aluminium 510 Drip Tip
Features: 510 Drip Tip Delrin made of stainless steel and aluminium,fit more 510 atomizer and car..
510 Wide Bore Brass+Resin Drip Tip
Feature: Easy"direct dripping" onto the atomizer Simple appearance and smooth touch Newest ..
Five Pawns Version 510 Drip Tip
Features: Newest design on hot sale Simple appearance and smooth touch Esay"direct dripping..
510 Custom Drip Tip
Features: 510 custom drip tip,made of resin and fiber carbon, six different colors avaliable,w..

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