Replacement Coils

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iJoy Captain Tank Replacement Ccoils
Description: Replacement coils for ijoy captain tank,0.15ohm CA8 and 0.3ohm CA2 coil heads a..
UD Athlon 25 octuple replacement coils
Description: UD athlon 25 octuple replacement coils,2pcs per pack,resistance is 0.15ohm,made of f..
Blazer Pro Replacement Vapor Coils
Description: Blazer pro replacement vapor coils,resistance 0.3ohm,3pcs per pack,with premade dual..
Sense Blazer 200 Vape Coils For Sale
Description: Sense blazer 200 vape coils,0.2ohm and 0.6ohm coils available,3pcs per pack,the 0.6o..
Aspire Breeze Atomizer Replacement Coils
Description: the aspire breeze atomizer replacement coils,resistance 0.6ohm,5pcs per pack,this U-..
Freemax Fireluke Vape Replacement Coils
Features: Freemax fireluke vape replacement coils,0.15ohm sextuple coil and 0.15ohm duodenar..
V12-T14 Smok TFV12 Coils
Features: V12-T14 smok TFV12 coils,resistance 0.12ohm and newest fourteen coils,can works between..
X3 Turbo Vapor Coils For Maganus Cloud Blaster
Description: X3 turbo vapor coils for maganus cloud blaster vape tank,0.15ohm and 0.2ohm coil hea..
Justfog Q16 E Cig Coils
Features: Justfog Q16 e cig coils,5pcs per pack,1.2ohm and 1.6ohm coil heads available,this coil ..
Justfog Fog1 Coil For Vape Pen
Features: Justfog fog1 coil for vape pen,0.5ohm and 0.8ohm coils available, 0.5ohm DL coil,bes..
Tiger Vape Replacement Coils For Kanger Five 6
Description: Tiger vape replacement coils for kanger five 6 tank,2pcs per pack,ressitance is 0.6o..
Vape Coils For iStick Pico RDTA
Description: Vape coils for istick pico rdta,resistance 0.6ohm,this is pre-built and unrebuildabl..
Smok Stick Aio Replacement Coil Heads
Description: Replacement coil heads for smok stick aio vape kit,this 0.23ohm dual coils will prod..
Digiflavor GVC Replacement coils
Description: Digiflavor GVC replacement coils,GVC-1 and GVC-2 avaialble,5pcs per for esp..
Joyetech BFL-1 Kth DL Coil Head
Features: Joyetech BFL-1 KTH DL coil heads,resistance 0.25ohm,5pcs per pack,made of kanthal coil ..
Joyetech Procore Aries Coil Heads
Description: Replacement coil heads for procore aries sub ohm tank,5pcs per pack,five different c..
Uwell Crown 3 Coils(4pcs/pack)
Description: Uwell crown 3 coils,4pcs per pack,0.25ohm and 0.5ohm coil heads available,the coil h..
Replacement Coil Heads For Smok Osub One Tank
Description: Replacement coil heads fro smok osub one tank,5pcs per pack,resistance of each coil ..
OBS V Replacement Coil Heads
Description: Replacement coil heads for OBS V sub ohm tanks,V12,V10,V8 and V4 coil heads avaialbl..
iJoy Cigpet ECO12 Replacement Coil Heads
Description: Replacement coil heads for ijoy cigpet eco12 tanks,totally six different coil heads ..

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