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Steam Shark Bird's Nest Replacement Coils
Description: Bird's nest replacement coils,10pcs per pack,resistance 0.2ohm, model:(24GA*3)+(2..
Alien Tank Coils By Steam Shark
Description: Alien tank coils produced by steam shark,10pcs per pack,resistance is 0.45ohm, mo..
Steam Shark 200PCS Kanthal A1 RBA Coils
Description: the kanthal a1 rba coils produced by steam shark,made of kanthal a1 vape wire,200pcs..
Pre-Made Clapton Coils For E Cig
Features: clapton coils for e cigs,produced by claptonwire, made of ss316l wires,two different..
Flat Twisted Coil For E Cig
Features: Flat twsited coils for e cig,10pcs per pack,resistance is 0.23ohm, model is (0.2+0.8..
Fused Clapton Coils For E Cigs
Features: fused clapton coils for e cigs,10pcs per pack,resistance is 0.28ohm, model is 0.3*0...
Pre-Built Hive E Cig Coils
Features: the hive e cig coils,perfect work on RTAs,RDAs,RDTAs,recommend work on griffin 25 mi..
Mix Twisted Clean E Cig Coil
Features: mix twisted clean e cig coils,10pcs per pack,resistance is 0.35ohm, model is 0.2*0.8..
Quad Building E Cig Coils
Features: quad building e cig coils,produced by claptonwire, 10pcs coils per pack,made of ss31..
Pre-Made Tiger E Cig Coil
Features: Pre-made tiger e cig coils,10pcs per pack,made of stainless seel vape wires, resista..
Flat Twisted Coil For Vape
Features: flat twisted coil for vape use,10pcs per pack,resistance is 0.36ohm, model is (0.2*0..
Pre-Made Fused Clapton Coil Vape
Features: pre-made fused clapton coils,10pcs per pack,resistance is 0.45ohm, model is 0.3*0.8G..
Pre-Built Hive Vape Pen Coil
Features: pre-built hive vape pen coils,10pcs per pack,resistance is 0.5ohm, model is (30GA+30..
Mix Twisted Dual Coil Vape
Features: pre-built mix twisted dual coil vape,10pcs per pack,resistance is 0.45ohm, model is ..
Pre-Built Quad Coil Vape Pen
Features: pre-built quad coil vape pen,10pcs per pack,resistance is 0.36ohm, made of four piec..
Pre-Build Tiger Coil For Vape Pen
Features: tiger coil for vape pen,produced by claptonwire,made of kanthal a1 wires, only one&n..
Claptonwire Clapton Vape Mod Coils
Features: claptonwire clapton vape mod coils,made of kanthal a1 wire, two models avaliable: ..
Claptonwire Kanthal A1 Twsited Clapton Double Coil Vape
Features: twisted clapton double coil vapve,produced by claptonwire company, made of kanthal a..
Kanthal A1 Twsited Best Vape Coils
Features: the new twisted best vape coils,produced by claptonwire,made of kanthal a1 wire, vap..
Pre-Made S Shape Alien Coils
Features: newest pre-made s shape alien coils,10pcs per pack,resistance is 0.2ohm, made of 3*2..

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